90 Day Startup Challenge

Why 90 days?

I guess that’s the question of the hour.

And its a legit question why 90 days, why not a 100? This is where I admit I cribbed this idea (I cribbed a lot, if I’m being honest here) from Amy Hoy’s 7 part guide for Bootstrapping.

Remember when I mentioned how much I look up to 37Signals? So does Amy Hoy.

(And a lot of other people too, but let’s focus here.)

She looked up to them so much she was able to unlock, or at least figure out the steps to their success. She’s created her own product empire and now together with Alex Hillman of IndyHall, she’s running 30 X 500.

30×500 is her class that basically helps people start their own business using a system they’ve perfected in starting and running a successful business.

One day I’m going to join that class.

But since I can’t at this moment, I’m going to attempt to do it myself by scrounging around for everything Amy and her friends have generously shared. They very much believe in Education as Marketing, and that’s actually something I can get behind because I’ve always believed that learning and teaching other people in turn is a good all way around.

So, what sparked this?

Well, its a New Year, oh and Amy’s post: Don’t Fave This Post. How to REALLY launch in 2014.

I’m a bit of a fan of hers.

But my key problem here though is that I’m not a technical person, I can do basic HTML and CSS.

I can boast that when this blogging thing was starting I was there before there was even a blogger.com and I handcoded my blogs, and each entry was created in Notepad, and there was no new fangled things called CMS or WordPress or stuff.

Also, if I do say so myself, my blogs were really pretty– as far as I could remember. Since all the webhost I had back shutdown you just have to take my word for it!

But when I stepped into college that basically died off. I forgot almost everything about creating a site, although I did have a brief resurgence when I created this very amateur ‘zine.

But my interest in technology never left, I’ve always been a lurker and that’s how I’ve been for a decade, and for the longest time I wasn’t too fond of Facebook, and Twitter confused me.

I did love LiveJournal though, I loved that I didn’t have to code anything and it just worked, especially the commenting.

(Very briefly, I have a tumblr where I follow other blogs that are in tumblr, it works fine if used for blogging but as a way to keep in touch with a community? It sucks).

So it goes all the way back to this.

###The 90 Day Challenge.

Another brief digression and disclaimer: My sister and I are working on another business idea, so I’m actually going to be working on two side projects this, the business I’m starting with my sister. That too is also part of my 90 Day Challenge.

I’m going to try to do two things, and launch them.

(Hi, I’m Monique, I have a multitasking problem.)

So. If you’re still here:

The 90 Day Challenge.

In that post I mentioned, Amy lay down some needed truths:

Most of us go along to get along, and we downplay the problems we experience and we move on — that’s how we cope. That’s how we manage to avoid feeling like whiny bitches. But, being dishonest about problems is being dishonest about reality. Dishonesty sucks.

She basically gives us permission to whine, bitch, to get angry until we reach that moment where in a fit of righteous fury we go: ‘Fuck. This.’

It’s the Fuck This Moment (FTM) we get so angry we’re finally doing something about it.

Whatever ‘it’ is.

So you start and you don’t stop just keep on going, keep stacking the bricks.

Seriously, just read the whole article, it has everything and its glorious.

What was my FTM?

It’s 2014 and I’ve been alive three decades and change, and I still feel like I haven’t accomplished anything of consequence, nor do I feel like I’m anywhere near where I want to be.

Its this realization where I went: Fuck. This.

I should be able to do something, I should start something, and I’m going to start something now.

So, that’s my FTM. It’s your turn: what’s your FTM?

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