Change is easy.

Cordelia: People do change.
Angel: And sometimes they change back.

                           - Angel the Series

And change is hard.

It is very easy to change, and its also very hard to change.

I think everyone who’s tried or done it can say the same thing. It’s a struggle, even if you try to ‘stack the bricks’ or not ‘break the chain‘ its still difficult.

This is the reality. It’s discouraging and for myself its something I’ve been struggling with.

But since January I’ve been fixing that.

We all have goals to be better and we know the first step: begin with the end in mind but– and this was something that I just stumbled into and realized:

Knowing the goal is important but putting a system or process in place is what enables us to reach that goal.

####Brick by brick

Rome wasn’t built in a day but it was built brick by brick. Building habits is just like building a structure, an architect has a vision of the building he wants made, puts its down on paper and the Engineer has a system in place to make that building into reality.

Great buildings are built on solid foundations, on the backs of a system that requires everyone to lay a brick down one by one.

Its the same reasoning behind building good habits.

Goals can provide direction and even push you forward in the short-term, but eventually a well-designed system will always win. Having a system is what matters. Committing to the process is what makes the difference.

James Clear

And because more often than not we lapse (its bound to happen because we’re human but that also means we shouldn’t beat ourselves over lapsing). A system can help us get back to reaching our goal because the system ensures we have steps to get back to.

So here are the systems I’m currently putting into place:

Leo Babauta’s Zen to Done: The Ultimate Simple Productivity System and the Bullet Journal.

Leo Babauta of Zen Habits condenses the best aspects of David Allen’s Getting Things Done and breaks them down to easy and actionable steps.

The next system is the Bullet Journal and I’m so glad that I found the Bullet Journal because it is, as it claimed: the best analog note taking system for the digital age.

Because, in my opinion, there is no app that’s been invented that can replace a notebook, or as my friend put it:

And she’s correct, because there’s something more satisfying at the visceral feeling of scratching things off than just simply swiping or tapping things away.

Also the thing for me is, that I can easily dismiss any ‘to do’ task with a swipe away.

Its not so easy to dismiss a task when its committed to paper. But that’s me and how I feel about productivity tools, who knows maybe Productivity apps work for you.

And that’s the other thing, habit building is personal, if one system doesn’t work for you then you’re not obligated to stick with it, maybe another process works for you– as long as the end result is that it works for you.

So now we have the first steps: First, begin with the end in mind (the goal) and the next step is to put systems in place to make your goals into a reality.

How about you? What system do you think will work for you?

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